textile artist, visual artist

was born 1982 in Kerimäki

lives and works in Helsinki



2014-2017 Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Bachelor's degree                  in paper conservation

2001-2007 University of Industrial Art and Design Helsinki, Master of Art

1998-2001 Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music


solo exhibitions

        2015 Forest's Geometry, in Ars Nova-gallery, Savonlinna

       2015 In Memoriam Venla Martikainen 1982-2015, Such Gallery, Helsinki

        2013 Dinner, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere

2013 Studies of landscapes, Cafe Svenkka, Manor house of Puotila, Helsinki

2013 Studies of landscapes, Kirjasto-gallery, Nurmijärvi

2012 Teddy-bears are sleeping in the cloud-installation,

 Tuusula Night of the Arts, Tuusula

2010 Landscapes, Porras-gallery, Helsinki

2010 Investigations of the unknown, B-Gallery, Turku

2009 Dear infinity passengers, have a pleasant journey!,

 Pispala contemporary art centre, Tampere

2008 The waltz ballroom of the forest animals, MoniNaiset-gallery, Nurmijärvi

2008 installations, Faces- etnomusik festival Billnäs

2007 'What do they feel when they are thinking of me' together with Kimmo                  Modig, Gallery Majakka, Helsinki


group exhibitions and group works

        2020 '2nd International Triennial of mini-textiles "Treasure Island. City "

               Peter and Paul Fortress, St, Petersburg, Russia

       2017 'Voi että' at Vuokalan PIIPPUHALLI, Savonranta

       2017  Kakofonia with Heteka13 at Gallery Rantakasarmi,

                Suomenlinna, Helsinki       

       2014-2015 Makutuutti art project with Anu Luhtanen

       2015 Gallery Kadief took my works to Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden

        2015 Lapinlahden lumput, environmental group art exhibition together with 

                Lapinlahden lähde, Helsinki

        2015 Makutuutti Workshop in B Gallery with Anu Luhtanen, Turku

       2015 Lux Helsinki in Annantalo, Helsinki

       2014 Savi sublime in Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki

         2014 Oon kaupungissa, group exhibition in Lasnamäe, Tallinn, Estonia

       2014 Taidekieppi art happening in Nurmijärvi

       2014 Pälde 13 artists in the Night of Arts, Helsinki

       2013 Taidekieppi art happening in Nurmijärvi

2012 Istallation with Kompostin tähti artist group,

        Annikki poetry festival, Tampere

2012 Young artists of Mäntsälä, Mäntsälä

2011 Com-post Modern Sculpture for the Avant gardeners part two,

 Art Centre of Voipaala, Valkeakoski

2010 Time and thought, Art Centre of Voipaala, Valkeakoski

2009 Atmosphere of the Homeplanet, MoniNaiset-gallery, Nurmijärvi

2008 Continuum – 40- year anniversary exhibition of Savonlinna Senior                       Secondary School of Art and Music, Riihisaari, Savonlinna

2007 Masters on the road, Gallery Norsu, Helsinki

2007 Masters of Arts 2007, University of Industrial Art and Design, Helsinki


performancies and collaborations

         2016 Sonja Salomäki's MenkkaHaukka -fashion performace,

               costumes and props, Helsinki

       2015 Amor Kabaree, costumes and setting design for dance show, Helsinki

2014 Sfakiotes artist residency with Anu Luhtanen, Greece

2012 'Other', costumes and visuals for a dance short film with

 the Myrsky team dancers, Helsinki

2012 'People', costume and setting design for a dance theater show with

 director Pauliina Tyni, Theatre Academy Helsinki

2011 'Table for two', costumes for a dance short film with

 the Myrksy team dancers, Helsinki

2011 'How do we dance today?'- dance art for health care institutions,

        costumes and visuals for the dancers of the Myrksy team,

        Koskela nursing home Helsinki

2011 'Jardin secret- Secret garden', baroque konsert’s visualization,

 Helsinki Cathedral’s crypt

2009 'Dual', costume and setting design for a dance music theatre show together

          with Pauliina Aladin, Linda Priha, Jaska Lukkarinen, Marzi Nyman,

        KoKo-theatre, Helsinki

2008 'Dual', visualization for a demo show, Helsinki

2007 'In the backwoods', collection for Sonja Salomäki’s antifashion

  performance MenkkaHaukka, Helsinki and Porvoo 





UUTE, Uuden tekstiilitaiteen yhdistys

Dodoni Cooperative


works in collections

2013 'Vanitas' in the The Finnish State Art Collection



2014 For exhibition costs, Arts Promotion Centre Finland