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All sorts of structures interest me. I like thinking of how something is made: the cranes of Hietalahti, the concrete jungle of Itä-Pasila, bees’ nests, forgotten pile of stones, old animal bones, a construction site’s scaffolding or tree silhouettes in the horizon.


Structure is a part of my way of doing things. This is propably why I became interested in textile art and handicraft techniques, and, through the studies in my first job, ceramics.


In my recent works I have combined used and new textiles, ceramics, found and purchased objects – making installations out of them. An installation is a three dimensional still life, where the viewer is allowed to experience the site from different perspectives as being a part of it. Through the material it is possible to find the form that tells about the content.


I have worked together with dancers, designing costumes for them. My task is to bring to life and support the story and the world that they are showing us. There will be an additional layer of depth added, another dimension: time. Time is also related to my latest installation, a static still life of which one part is sound. Also the viewer needs to consume time while watching the piece.


During my studies I found pencil drawing again. There are uncountable shades of grey (as there are shades in different pencils) and drawing those shades on paper is a precise craft. I make notes by photographing landscapes and silhouettes of trees. Using photographs as a part of the working process brings the results more alive, which in the end is my non-photorealistic interpretation of the reality.

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